Men’s dress shirt collars come in all different colors, sizes, and styles. The marriage of the shirt collar and the necktie is crucial to a well-tailored look. While it may seem like overkill, we must discuss the tie and everything that goes with it and- unless you are Magic Mike and crew – a shirt will always accompany your tie. We will do an in-depth piece on shirts later on in the year, but for now, Cribbs On Style with the help of Real Men, Real Style, will let you know what shirt collar styles go best with the image you are trying to exude.

The right collar on the right type of face is a sight to behold, a union of shapes and curves that bring out the best in each other. A collar’s job is to properly frame the face, accentuating a man’s facial strengths while down playing any abnormalities.

Collar Vocabulary

Our discussion here centers around turn-down collars. To facilitate this discussion, let us define a few terms important to understanding a shirt collar.

men's labled collar1.  Collar Points – The tips of the collar.

2.  Collar Point Length – The distance from the Collar Points to where they meet the Collar Band.

3.  Collar Band– the piece of fabric that wraps around the neck.

4.  Collar Height– The height of a folded collar as it fits on the neck.

5.  Tie Space – The distance between the top of the folded collar parts when the shirt is buttoned.

6.  Spread – The distance between Collar Point 


Cut Away

The Cut Away Collar is one of the essentials of modern shirt design. The balanced shape makes for a versatile collar that match any face shape and can be worn either with or without a tie.

Timeless and versatile collar design with medium spread between collar tips.Ideal to wear both with and without a tie. Also referred to as the spread collar.
Extreme Cut Away
The Extreme Cut Away Collar is our bolder alternative to The Cut Away Collar. The wide spread suits with a range of ties, making it popular for any occasion and face shape.
A wide spread collar with medium height that goes well with wider ties. Available with removable collar stays in the Eton Green. Also referred to as the wide spread collar.
Button Down
From American preppy to Italian sprezzatura, from casual to well-dressed; the iconic Button Down Collar gets you ready for any style in a second.
Iconic American collar design with collar points buttoned to the shirtfront.Perfect for both casual as well-dressed outfit. Strongly associated with sporty Oxford fabrics
Moderate Cut Away
Our most traditional shirt collar is relatively high with less space between the collar corners. Highly appreciated for its versatile design, it’s preferably worn with thin or normal width ties for a timeless look.
Traditional collar design with medium spread and medium height.Only available in Classic Fit.
The Pointed Collar was created to suit modern tailoring with slim lapels and skinny ties. The close collar tips frame your tie and draws attention toward the face.
Relative low collar with narrow spread that is ideal to wear with modern suiting and trim ties.Also referred to as turndown collar. Available in our Super Slim Fit.
The Tab Collar represents old school elegance. Originally created to put emphasis on the wearer’s tie – this classic collar design has in recent years enjoyed a stylish revival.
Iconic collar design with sharp and elegant appearance. The collar points are fastened with two tabs.
Pointed Pin
The Pointed Pin is a sharper version of the classic Pin Collar that adds defining lines to your look with its pointed tips. The pin connecting the collar point lifts the tie and make it stand out both figuratively and literally.
Narrow spread and medium height. Ideal to wear with a slim tie and smart tailoring Metal pin fastens the collar points.
High Cut Away
The High Cut Away Collar lends proportion to a long neck, ideally worn in combination with sharp tailoring for a bold, yet elegant look.
Our highest collar with medium spread. Extra soft interlining for an elegantly curved shape.
Evening Cut Away 
This Moderate Cut Away Collar is detailed with edge stitching that adds a further luxurious feel to your evening look, perfect to match with your black tie outfit.
The perfect black tie shirt collar. 

Edge stitching for a luxurious appearance.
The wings connect by the neck and describe a more triangular rather than square shape, ideal to wear with a bow tie on elegant events.
Our most formal collar, designed to wear with a bow tie. Suitable for white and black tie events.
With the roots from the Club collar and the sartorial era of the nineteenth century, the rounded collar is a true historical piece of fashion. 
Rounded Pin

Our rounded collar with the pin gives a cool and dapper look. Wear the shirt with a tie with a tight knot that will give your look a slim silhouette.

Where to find these Collars?

To find these collars a man should explore the world of custom clothing.  It is here that a man can not only specify the type of collar he wants, but he has control over every aspect of a shirt’s design and dimensions. Finer department stores will carry them as will  quality men’s clothing stores. In doubt, see a man with a collar you like and politely ask him where he go it.  Along with the types of collars, there are different features that are available. Here’s a quick visual review:


Creating a look or choosing which collar/knot combination isn’t solely predicated of your face, but this is good information for men of color to consider in pulling off the look that you desire.
I  don’t want to overwhelm you with too much at one time. Go get a snack, a glass of water and take a breather. Then come back and find us with What Knot? What Collar?