About us

Company name and legal status

Manufacturing company BONTEX, located in Maglaj, is registered as limited liability company owned by Mr. Husic Senajid.

BONTEX was established in 2004, but massive production started first in 2005. Since it is textile-oriented company, its production is based on shirts- business shirts, work shirts and made to measure shirts. Most of that production is initiated for foreign markets, primarilly Switzerland, almost 95%. We also produce work pants, work jackets and medical uniforms.

Market analysis

Since big part of our production is intended for Switzerland, production plan is always arranged in advance. We always intend to meet the terms of the agreement and deliver all the arranged quantity of goods. BONTEX cooperates with Swiss companies “Weder Meier” and “Albiro”. All of the production material is provided by our business partners in advance, in order to get the end-product in time. Reffering to this, the whole production process is based on lohn system. All male and female business clothing, that is not part of the contract with our business partners, is always made to measure. Such clothing includes business shirts, blouses, T-shirts, blazers, business pants, skirts, dresses, etc.

Technical elements of investments

Structure of the investment comprises supplying the company with all the materials and tools for the working process. Current capacity of the production is cca. 4500-7000 business shirts weekly.

Structure and dynamics of employees

Apart from the managing director, our management is made of very competent and professional experts. Current number of employees is cca. 214 people. Employees are mostly young people, which gives us all opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

Ecological aspects

Our company is ecologically friendly since it doesn’t produce waste bad for the environment, such as noise, gases, waste water, oil, lubricants, etc. BONTEX is located in a very populated area, surrounded by lots of cultivated lands. This is one of the indicators that we act in accordance with overall environment protection strategy.